Saturday, November 29, 2008

Diseased Culture

I found this poem on the Irked magazine site, which really resonates with my feelings. I get very frustrated when people compliment me on looking like I've lost weight. I don't remember people ever complimenting me when I had put weight on. I am not trying to lose weight, I don't weigh myself anymore, as I used to be obsessed with it and I'm much happier now, despite being bigger.

Diseased Culture

Looking back
on all the encouragement
and respect
and compliments
I received from others
when I was
killing myself
through starvation
It is clear
that I was not
the only

Poetry by LA Crompton

Irked magazine - Peabody cartoon....

My friend Jane is the creator of a weekly cartoon strip Peabody, now published in Irked magazine online. It's about depression and is witty, sharp, moving and beautifully drawn. Take a look.

The magazine itself is a space for people to "explore matters of the heart".

"Irked Magazine is committed to the concept that people improve when they know someone is paying attention. We believe that people everywhere can become less sad, or worried, or angry, or violent, or self-destructive simply by being given a forum to publish their work, and the dignity that comes with that sort of thing."

There is lots of fantastic stuff on Irked - it's well worth a good root around.

Women's No Pay Day campaign success...

On the 30th October I campaigned for an hour with colleagues from the Students Union, at the University where I work, for Women's No Pay Day. They continued for a further hour, and during that time we collected a total of 121 signatures to add to the letter to the Secretary of State demanding important inclusions in the forthcoming Equalities Bill.

I was very happy with the signatures we gained, but even more thrilled at two other things -
1 that 3 women from the SU committed time to campaign - after much persuasion -
2 that people we spoke to didn't know the reality of the pay gap and were horrified - many saying that they thought we had equality already

I was particularly thrilled because the initial responses when trying to encourage people to campaign with me, was very dispiriting. I started the day thinking it was probably going to be a disappointing and futile exercise. People had led me to believe that no-one cares.

I firmly believe that if people know the facts, they do care and will take action. Many people came back to the stall we had bringing a friend who they had talked to, who also signed the petition. At least a third of the people we spoke to, who then signed, were men.

You can see a report of our event and others on the day here, at the Fawcett website - I took the photo.

If you still haven't signed up it's not too late - click here to sign.