Saturday, September 16, 2006

bathing beauties.....

....are believed to be the first women shown on the big screen with armpits on show - shaved. That was in the Mack Sennett silent films. Thanks to partykillgirl for the information.

She says "The first moviemaker to show the feminine armpit extensively in non-pornographic films was Mack Sennett, in his Bathing Beauty shorts… ..early movie stars like Theda Bara and Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties shaved their legs and armpits, supposedly because Sennett preferred that look."

This is the best image of this "beauties" I can find on the web.

At least they are not starved skinny models!

Partykillgirl's excellent blog parodies lad's mags using images of naked men instead of women to re-create front pages to great effect. This is with the intent of pointing out how lad's mags should be on the top shelf along with similar material aimed at gay men - clearly porn.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

why women?

that's a good question and it's also the title of a new campaign that the Women's Resource Centre is leading..... to ask Parliament to improve funding to women's organisations. The campaign was launched in March this year, but I've only just heard about it, through ukfeministaction yahoo group.

The why women? website is stuffed full of fantastic resources -
why women? campaign – our calls to government
why women? report - the full and summary version with evidence of funding crises for women's organisations
why women? film - soon to be released
Timeline - a brilliant resource for any women's group or school ,also available in Word
Poster - a beautiful pdf poster with amazing images and facts and figures.
Postcards - 6 great images
Statistics about women - another brilliant set of information, also in Word
Research on women’s organisations - WRC's research

You can find out if your MP is signed up to the Early Day Motion and if not, email them a letter based on a template provided on the why women? website.

Write a letter to the media or feature the campaign in your newsletter or magazine...

What have women's organisations ever done for you? ......Plenty sister!