Monday, June 06, 2005

Learning Disability awareness week

It is learning disability awareness week soon (20-25 June).

Mencap - the UK's leading learning disability charity ran a photography competition called Snap!. The winners for 2005 are exhibited here. They will be on show at the Link Gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from the 18 June to 1 August.

"Sparkle" Kayleigh Dawson Posted by Hello

Story behind the picture -
Because of my autistic spectrum disorder I think I can see the world differently to others around me. Small fragments of my world sometimes seem very important to me and I notice things that other people may not!I am very sensitive to things like touch and flickering lights! I always notice earrings my support worker wears and if she looks different in a slight way.I have taken photos of close-up objects in my school environment, which I see, mostly everyday.I took this photograph because I liked the sparkle of the water from the tap.


quiddity said...

It's brilliant to see people with LD being confident in expressing themselves creatively.

doo said...
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