Thursday, July 28, 2005

lad's mags

I am not strictly anti-porn - we humans have always pictorally represented sex and made pictures that titillate and arouse.

I am not into censorship either.

But I do think that we need to be responsible and recognise what is suitable for adults and not children. We should also represent things that are overtly sexual, as such - honestly. Especially when they are strongly reinforcing gender stereotypes in a way that degrades women.

Object have a campaign to encourage retailers to either remove lad's mags from sale or place them on the top shelf only. Having read their research the average lad's mag has more images of naked women in sexual poses with comments about "large tits!" and sex ads than Playboy which is still considered to be soft porn.

The Sport has more breasts and sex ads than any of the mags is on sale as a newspaper! 92
% of the content is sexual - including adverts about pictures of teenagers.

They are asking people to write to their local shop - the Co-op despite it's ethical policy is still not putting the mags on the top shelf. Their website has a standard letter you can use.

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