Saturday, November 12, 2005

women who inspire us....

this is the first topic that froom have chosen. we have started a discussion on froom talk about it.....

I want to add to the site but find that I can't publish it yet.

I want to add that Fawcett are asking us to vote for the UK's most inspiring woman until 21st November.

So - what do you think?

I would go for Germaine Greer, but although she lives and works in the UK, she is Australian.

I am inclined to choose Alison Lapper, for reasons which my earlier posts will make clear.

I am also thinking about the late Mo Mowlam.

But I am not sure about the whole idea of choosing one woman at all.... it smacks of competition and I am inspired by many women, not least my friends and family, blogger-friends included.


Winter said...

I agree about Mo Mowlam (and your other two), but, for me, it's Jeanette Winterson.

TP said...

I think I would tend to choose a friend/relative rather than a 'famous' woman.

I think I am more inspired by people's lives and how they work for change in their own day-to-day way.

I do see what you mean though, the nomiations could put an element of competition on what's meant to be a celebration.

Gordon said...

I'd choose my English teacher, Miss Scott. Opened my eyes to the horror of prejudice and the joy of the written word.

Andrea said...

Emily Wilding Davison, or the Pankhursts.