Saturday, March 25, 2006

top shelf voluntary code

Thanks to MP Diane Abbott there will be a new voluntary code for newsagents published next week. The code is about the display of goods for sale that contain porngarphic images.

The "new code of practice relates also to so-called 'lads mags' as well as tabloids and other news publications. It stipulates that these types of publications should be displayed out of sight and reach of children and be separate from children's titles."

Diane says "these new guidelines are a victory for parent power and for gender equality. It also shows that public attitudes are changing and that era of normalising sexual or exploitative images of women is no longer considered acceptable."

I think she is over-egging the pudding here a little - too many people find this more than acceptable - that's why people like us have to press for limits and rulings if we are to see real change.

Diane concluded: "I am very pleased that new codes of practice are to be published, but a voluntary code is only sufficient if it is adhered to". I will keep a close eye on developments to make sure that this good practice is in fact implemented. If the code proves ineffective I will push for a statutory instrument requiring newsagents to sell titles containing pornographic materials from the top shelf."

We too will keep an eye on developments and will contact you should the code prove ineffective, Diane! This is a good start.......


birdychirp said...

now that is great news. I tried once to avoid newsagents which stocked boobs - impossible! So now I avoid places with those awful top shelf ones. but this is GREAT!

TP said...

This is good news, and a step in the right direction. But as this is purely voluntary, and 'lads mags' are sold in prime positions because they generate a larger income there (the shop owner has little say in the matter, the publishers decide where a magazine should be placed and pay premium for countertop level placement) it may only prove to be a stop-gap. I, pessimistically, imagine things may change in the short term but that they may drift back over time when this issue is no longer so public.

It's good to see though, that Diane Abbott is ready and willing to follow this up with further action and tighter, non-voluntary, regaluation if needs be.

Anonymous said...

If people don't act then nothing will happen. If you read the have your say pages on the BBC then you will see that most people are quite happy with the status quo. There is now an acceptance of soft porn in our society.

But things will not change unless we act on mass. Lots of us need to protest. We need to make our pounds count. Tesco seem to have paid some attention but more is needed.

Please complain to your newsagent/supermarkets about these publications. Contact your MP and ask them to support the sexually explicit material bill.

Also contact companies who advertise in these magazines and say that you will boycott their shops / products unless they stop the adverts.

I came across the following site which lists advertisers.

The advertisers are: (updated 11 June 2006)

Adverts in Zoo and Nuts:

* Virgin Mobile and Megastores
* Burger King
* Three Mobile

Adverts in ZOO:

* Drench Still Spring Water
* Halfords
* Sony Ericsson
* VO5 Hair
* Vodafone
* AA Loans

Adverts in Nuts:

* Currys
* Phones 4 U
* Blockbuster Videos
* O2

Please take action. If we want a decent world then we need to take action. Make your feelings known.

Our society does not need to be like this. Reclaim it now!

yclepta said...

Thanks for your suggestions and info anon....