Saturday, August 19, 2006

petition - brothel sitcom

Eaves housing have put together this petition against Channel 5's screening of their new sit com set in a brothel. Sign the petition:

According to a national press article the show, 'Respectable', features women who sell sex to pay for shoe collections and 'beautiful things'. Click here for more information about the sitcom
Eaves Housing have already written a letter (attached) of complaint and Women's Aid intend to write to Channel 5 too. They are collecting signatures to show that this is not the kind of viewing audiences want.


Anonymous said...

The whole might of the advertising industry is behind creating these taboos about women's bodyhair. Our screens our full of images of hairless women which serve to constantly reinforce the concept that to be feminine is to be hair-free.

Your photo might perhaps make one of us feel less alone in a decision not to shave. I had been thinking of chronciling my own hair growth story as an antidote to this.

I understand your reaction to your own hair in feeling that it is ugly. This reaction is due to the constant barrage of advertising and accepted notions of what is acceptable. All woman have body hair if the media portrayed pictures of gorgeous models with body hair then it would become acceptable. The media will not do this because a multi-billion dollar hair-removal industry is built on ensuring that women grow to dislike their own bodyhair.

When I stop shaving I go through several stages:

Day 1: stubble I want to shave it of and get back to smooth

Day 2: more stubble, more itchy and severe urge to reach for the razor particularly if its a nice sunny day
, feels a bit ugh and looks gross. At this stage I often give in particularly during the summer. ( a little bit of olive oil or baby oil can help get me through this stage)

Day 3:At this stage the itchiness of the stubble goes and the major annoying factor is that the hair looks yugh
I need to plan more carefully what I wear.

Day 4: At this stage the hair growth becomes less annoying but my legs quite often feel less dry and therefore "smoother" - if you get what I mean. This is me now through the difficult stage!

I have however not reached the stage where I can bare my hairy self to the nit-picking public. I don't know if will ever be brave enough. I quite frequently end up back at Day 1 again because the desire to wear shorts or to have female legs rather than hairy mans ones overwhelms me.

I think this is what confuses me. I am female and I naturally have hairy legs and yet this somehow seen as unnatural,unfeminine and unacceptable.

yclepta said...

Thanks anon for your supportive comment - I went through all that but have had hairy legs for years now and I like them, it's the underarms I have trouble with. I only worry in the summer because people can see my hair when I wear short sleeved tops... I do worry what people think - but not so much that I remove it!