Saturday, September 16, 2006

bathing beauties.....

....are believed to be the first women shown on the big screen with armpits on show - shaved. That was in the Mack Sennett silent films. Thanks to partykillgirl for the information.

She says "The first moviemaker to show the feminine armpit extensively in non-pornographic films was Mack Sennett, in his Bathing Beauty shorts… ..early movie stars like Theda Bara and Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties shaved their legs and armpits, supposedly because Sennett preferred that look."

This is the best image of this "beauties" I can find on the web.

At least they are not starved skinny models!

Partykillgirl's excellent blog parodies lad's mags using images of naked men instead of women to re-create front pages to great effect. This is with the intent of pointing out how lad's mags should be on the top shelf along with similar material aimed at gay men - clearly porn.


Reetta said...

Weird,weird man O.o I'm pretty sure that wimmin's armpit hair is quite similar to men's armpit hair,I assume that he didn't shave his own underarms and thus he should know due to his own experiences with his hair,that it doesn't suddenly grow,attack,wrap round your neck and try to choke you or is unhygienic and cause you serious health problems.So he should know,that wimmin's armpit hair doesn't do those things neither... I apologise my bad English(blushes)
I will NEVER remove my fur.It's the hair that is more like silk,not the skin.Advertisers are unlogical,hair on our heads can be silky and thus good(they assume that it's a good thing for a woman to feel like some canvas,material),but the hair on our bodies is NEVER silky and never good.
Yawn!I'm sixteen and too old to play being something i'm not.(I guess they want me to be like a doll)Let's laugh at that silly Mack Sennett!

birdychirp said...

when were these made? That's really interesting. I wonder when it became widespread?

fluffywoman said...

Yes it's funny how society only objects to female body hair. It doesn't conform to society's view of feminine.

As someone who did the shave and stubble thing for a long time. Fur is defintely much smoother than stubble. Quite a revelation once you realise that.

I have created a blog with images of "fluffy women" to try and dispel some of the Gilette's imagery.

broke said...

Thanks for the link to partykillgirl - really great site - as is yours.
Take care