Monday, August 15, 2005


I have decided that from now on I will have BUDs - Bleeding Uterus Days - whenever I have a period. I got the idea from this amazing website MUM - the Museum of Menstruation. There is a brilliant and funny long list of words and expressions used to describe periods...and that's where I got BUD from - well I found BUS (bleeding uterus syndrome).

I found MUM through visiting Mooncups website. Both Urban Chick and Your Emotional Neuroses Only Serve To Amuse use cups/ keepers to catch their uterus blood. I am going to look into mooncups for myself - I have recently managed to buy Natracare pads - hard to get hold of in the town I live in. Anyway, reading their posts reminded me of conversations I have had with friends about the term "sanitary protection" to mean products for catching blood - as if women's uterus blood is unsanitary and people have to be protected from it? So what do you call pads/ tampons?


Urban Chick said...

strictly speaking, i am not yet the proud owner of a mooncup, but i do mean to get one

everyone i know who has one raves madly about it and i like the idea of cutting back on environmental waste and no more buying tampons!

blueshawk said...

what do you see when you look into a moon-cup?

Urban Chick said...

i'll tell you once i've bought mine