Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I have been invited to contribute to froom - feminist women on the web. It is a new on-line women's network.

I am also a member of the shared blog - froomblog - which I have put my first post on already. I am not sure what to write about next.

The current topic on froom is women who inspire us.... there are so many - writers such as Germaine Greer, Naomi Wolf, Virginia Woolf, Marge Piercy, Marilyn French, Margaret Atwood.....and friends who are strong and supportive as well as open, vulnerable and whom I can support in my turn....there names are many.

I have got some ideas about other issues to write about - I think I will post something about female gender specific titles - e.g. Ms v Mr, Lady v Lord....

This is a great page to read about good practice in use of personal pro-nouns and other forms of language that are gender specific. Found it from a google search.

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