Wednesday, September 28, 2005

free association 4

  1. Crave:: dark choc rice cakes
  2. Whole package:: dark choc rice cakes
  3. Roommates:: smell
  4. 5:30:: Newsround
  5. Lesbian:: love
  6. Poignant:: robin song
  7. Hurtful:: words
  8. You and I:: together
  9. Grateful:: hug
  10. Giggle:: friends

    1 comment:

    Patricia said...

    Hi. In response to the troubles you were having on the Unconscious Mutterings site. First, sorry about not getting back to you earlier. I haven't been very good with email lately. Second, not sure what sort of trouble you were having. I haven't blocked any of the players from leaving their website info. If you let me know what sort of problems you were having, I'll certainly look into it. Thanks! and thanks for playing the game.