Wednesday, October 19, 2005

20 random facts about me...

thanks to tp for tagging me....

20 random facts about me

1. This is the first time I have been tagged and I am so excited. I was hoping someone would tag me soon.

2. I started to play the piano accordion earlier this year.

3. I love Yes Minister!

4. I have an obsession/ compulsion about the order in which mugs are stacked in the cupboard.

5. My favourite flower used to be the iris. Now I’m not sure. Maybe Japanese anemone. Maybe aquilegia (columbine). Maybe neither.

6. I was a HUGE fan of Michael Crawford as a teenager as part of my all consuming love of musical theatre. (blush)

7. I have two cats.

8. My first cat was named Oliver and I used to call him “you silly old scallywag pussycat”.

9. I have a dilemma about my hair. I have it being bleached and it costs £50 a time to have it bleached again. It’s a lot of money. It seems excessive to spend that on my looks.

10. I am an atheist.

11. I failed my O level maths twice and finally passed CSE when I was doing my A levels.

12. I love singing but I don’t think anyone will want to hear me sing.

13. I trained as a primary school teacher.

14. My favourite colour is purple.

15. I have 4 step siblings.

16. Two of them are named Judith.

17. I was brought up as a Methodist.

18. My other blog is atypicalpen

19. I hate knowing that the world is unfair and there is very little I can do about it. It's one of the main things that makes me depressed.

20. I am a quarter Welsh.

I now tag Winter Woods, BirdyChirp, Twisty Faster, Anna and Simon.


anna said...

Oh NO!

I mean, thanks, but, oh NO!

I have to think of twenty things?!

I'm never going to sleep now... Never.

TP said...

Yay! You did it :o)

I too enjoy a bit of impromptue song and was once told by a good friend that I could actually carry a tune. He was drunk at the time, so I have no faith in this.

Winter said...

My favourite colour is also purple - so far I've been prevented from turning the Mind the Gap blog purple. The others want it to go green. Sigh.

Urban Chick said...

ooooooooooooooooh! so you are atypicalpen too!

i also adore musical theatre - there is no shame in this!

Pat said...

Do you prefer the pink or white Japanese anenomes? My garden has lots of them at the moment andthey are all white.

Clare said...

Oh, I've only just twigged that you are also atypicalpen!

Well in that case you might appreciate the fact that my mum and I ended up sitting next to Shamim Sarif and her partner Hannaan at the authors' dinner in York the other weekend.

And I confess that I had never heard of her before you congratulated me for appearing on the same platform as her. But when I found myself sitting next to her, of course the first thing I told her was that someone had come onto my blog and expressed admiration for me being associated with her.

You'll probably also be interested to hear that we spent a large part of the meal having an in-depth discussion about Islam and its attitude to women. She and her partner are both quite vehement in their antipathy to Islam w.r.t. women.

My mum thought she was great (as did I), and has now gone hunting for her novels, which I will then borrow. Actually I have to see the whole weekend was great cos I met so many interested and talented women.

Anyway, to get on topic... I too have had those hair dilemmas. It's so expensive! These days I just don't bother with hairdressers... but I would if I could afford it.

Alec said...

I've tagged yclepta and atypicalpen, and would appreciate being tagged by you. I'm trying out as part of my exploration of Web 2.0. Are you told automatically that you've been tagged? What system are you using?