Saturday, October 15, 2005

towel and tampon tax

Did you know that the tax on blood catchers was reduced from 17.5 to 5% from Jan 2001?

I missed that one, and I wonder if it was because Gordon Brown wimped out on something that is a significant shift in economic policy for over half the population of the country he holds the purse strings for. And that means it's our fucking money!!!!

Lucy Ward and Dave Hill in the Guardian had two very different persectives on this one - wonder why? Dave Hill makes some great excuses for Gordon - check them out!!!!!
Apparently Gordon's excuse was he wanted to let the female MPs claim credit - well if they did I did not hear them loud enough.........

What made me look this up, after thinking about it for a few months now - was reading My Vag latest post - Sarah says " Oh, I go through such phases with this blog. Even after publishing 500+ pages on the finer details of my vagina, I have trouble figuring out what kind of vaginal news is worth reading every day. Who needs to read about vaginas every day? I myself, devoted disciple of vaginal scholarship, have no desire to keep up with the day to day developments in tampon politics or whatever." So I thought - well I'm sure there must be some news that is worth writing about.

I know this is old news, but it's new to me.....


Urban Chick said...

and new to me too!

fancy that: mrs thatcher fails to remove VAT during her 11 years in office, but the move is made by a male chancellor

of course, it has no impact on people who have already switched to mooncups


Laurelin said...

washable pads are also unaffected. :)

Winter said...

If men had periods they'd be free on the NHS I reckon.

TP said...

And there was me thinking they were exempt from VAT all this time.

God damn it, now I'm disappointed by what could have been good news.

Yclepta, I've tagged you.