Friday, December 29, 2006

3 days a week....

I'm going to be doing a job share - it's been agreed!
I am still waiting for my written job offer, but the 2nd choice candidate has agreed to take the job share..... I should be able to start in February. I never got a new contract from the NHS when I started this new job despite chasing them for it twice, so I'm still on one month's notice!

I'm not sure about research yet, but I do know the holiday entitlement is more than I get now and the pay is slightly more pro rata.

All in all it's a fantastic deal and opportunity - I intend to make the most of it.
Amongst my plans for what to do with my other 2 days a week are:
  • get away a lot in the campervan that we have recently acquired...
  • volunteer at the local self-advocacy project that I have been working with a lot
  • act as broker for a young person and their family to take control of Self Directed Services
  • take a lot of photos - hopefully getting paid for some of it - with Cultural Sisters and other local community arts organisations
  • take up drawing again
  • make lots of music and sing
  • walk and swim
  • re-launch froom
  • support Pan the local group that I am a member of to develop and seek funding
  • blog....

Think I might struggle to fit it all in but I'll give it a try!


Sunflower said...

What a great way to start the new year. I hope you manage to fit everything in :)

yclepta said...

thanks sunflower!

Alec said...

You're completely right to make the most of this opportunity. While I was between college and job recently, I had no specific aims. I don't think I wasted the time, but I didn't have much to show for it at the end. Perhaps if I'd been more self-disciplined, or focused, or organised...