Sunday, December 03, 2006

working hours.....

how many is too many?

I have been offered a new job as a lecturer at the local Uni and I am taking part but I am in the process of negotiating hours.

I work 4 days at the moment. I do not want to go back to full-time -
  • I got so worn out last year I have got used to needing a 3 day weekend to keep my batteries fully charged.
  • T has a condition that means I am his carer some of the time and I like being around at home - it stops him getting too isolated.
  • I want to do other things with my time than be employed in one job.
    I do some voluntary work and some paid self-employed work e.g. photography. I'd like to do more of both if poss. I'm keen to get froom going properly too.
So I have asked to do 4 days or a job share of 3 days. The Uni are looking into both. They have asked the 2nd choice candidate if she wants to do 2 days a week so that I can do 3. That would be ideal. If she can't sort that out with her current employer and doesn't feel confident she will get other work to make up her hours, then the Uni will have to think again. They don't think they can offer me 4 days as the funding for the job is for a full time post and they don't usually recruit to jobs that are only 1 day a week which I can understand. So it might mean I have to seriously consider working full -time at least in the short term until they can recruit another person to job share with me.

So I have been worrying about this. Can I cope with a full time job? I believe that I would be able to work from home sometimes and the hours would be flexible.....

I will not get too anxious about it until I know if the other candidate can job share........ should know by mid week.


birdychirp said...

Its a tricky one - perhaps working from home part of the time, and some downtime in the summer would help?

How much research would be expected of you?

TP said...

Congratulations on being offered the job - hope they can sort out the hours for you.

yclepta said...

Thanks for your good wishes TP and Birdy