Monday, October 13, 2008

women's no pay day 30th Oct

October 30th is Women's No Pay Day.

It’s nearly 40 years since equal pay legislation came into force in the UK.

Women working full-time in the UK get paid 17% (or roughly one sixth) less than men...
That’s the equivalent of women working the last two months of the year for free
, while men get paid year-round. Last year, the Fawcett Society labelled October 30th ‘Women’s No Pay Day’ to tell the world that on this day, women across the UK will receive their last payslip. This year, the pay gap remains unchanged at 17%. But we have a great opportunity for change with the forthcoming Equalities Bill.

The Fawcett Society are asking supporters across the UK to hold an event on or around Women’s No Pay Day to raise awareness of the pay gap and to tell the world: we demand equal pay! I am campaigning at the University where I lecture, in partnership with the Students Union events and volunteering coordinators and hopefully some volunteers. I have signed the open letter to John Hutton MP.

What can you do?

  • 10 minute action: write to your local paper. Tell them about the pay gap, and about Women's No Pay Day.
  • 1 day action: take to the streets on No Pay Day
    Visit the Fawcett Society's website to find out more about No Pay Day and how to get involved, or to download the campaigners' info pack which has loads of information on putting on and publicising an event for No Pay Day.

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