Sunday, October 12, 2008

here again......

suprised to find it's a year since I last posted.
Last time I wrote here I said this....

To update:
1 - I still feel comfortable at work - the job is interesting, varied, stimulating, challenging and I'm in a good team.
2 - T's Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment is still not working fully yet, so things are still quite unpredictable and it's hard to plan ahead. The challenges of disablism are constant and our relationship has changed to adjust but life is fairly stable.
3 - I work 3 days a week but have been doing extra days for other organisations to earn a bit more - on average have worked 4 days most weeks. This has been a bit too much. My colleagues are keen for me to work full time, but I'm sticking to my plans.
3 - When I am not working, T and I still get out and about in the campervan a lot - we spent 2 and a half weeks in the Outer Hebrides in May 2008 - a fantastic trip!
4 - My youngest step-son has just started at a new Uni - he went to Uni last year but it didn't suit him - wrong course, wrong Uni. He's done some voluntary work and paid work this year and changed quite a lot. So far he's loving his course. My oldest step-son has been working for a homeless charity and had his own house with his partner. They've just moved back to her parent's house as they are going to travel interationally for 6 months next year. The house is now officially empty of "children" again, but they'll be staying over regularly.

All this means that I am STILL sometimes stressed, always busy, but overall content with my lot.

In Dec 2006 I said this.....

I am pleased to say:

I have done some paid work and some joint projects with the local self-advocacy project that I first worked with in my last job.
I have taken a lot of photos with T- being paid for some of it - and we had our first exhibition recently which was a fantastically positive experience.
I took a life drawing class last year at Uni, but it doesn't run anymore.
I sing with a women's natural voice choir and sometimes take the sessions as the deputy leader which has given me loads of confidence. I bought a new piano accordion recently which is beautiful,
but -
I still need to get good at that.
I don't walk enough.
froom is still on hold
and blogging has been ignored but here I am again!

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